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Lino Icon Set

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100+ stylish, infinitely scalable, custom vector icons designed in a balanced line style that fits any website or application, be it fun, or professional.

Lino is an icon set with the unbridled sexiness of Antonio Banderas. Yes, Lino's stylish, swashbuckling flair handily pummles the icon riff-raff of the internet with a swift punt to their nether regions.

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Lino arrives as vector files in the following formats, ready for action:

  • .ai
  • .eps
  • Custom Shape — .csh
$ 20

The Overlay Set

Video Games to Blu-ray, Browsers, CDs, VHS and more, this overlay set is sure to jazz up any website or app. Simply slap a PNG file over your art and voilà! Instant sexy. See them in the wild here & here.

$ 10

Basic Social Media Icons

No frilly styles, gradients or lighting effects — just the basics. This set of social media icons is optimized at 32 and 64 pixels in five different styles (over 1100 icons). All files are semi-transparent PNG bitmap and come in the following variants:

  • Circle
  • Rounded Square
  • Square
  • Symbol (just the logo)
  • Monochrome

Try out the free icons to see how they fit.

$ 5